Non oriented cast polypropylene film (CPP)

 Non oriented cast polypropylene film (CPP) is often used for packaging bags. In this kind of film you can pack dehydrated foods, grocery and bakery products and even non food commodity.


  • high clarity and gloss
  • perfect optical property
  • softer than biaxial oriented polypropylene film
  • excellent welding ( shrinking) capacity, even thin juncture
  • higher tensile strength in comparison with biaxial oriented polypropylene film
  • good ink adhesion and overprint properties
  • possible to use this film or packaging materials from it for deep freeze (till – 40ºC), including flex print

This film is supplied as a flat transparent film in rolls

Width – 100mm-1200mm ±2mm

Thickness – 20mic/25mic/30mic/35mic/40mic

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