Biaxial oriented polypropylene film (BOPP)

 BOPP film is one of the highly demanded type of packaging film. Our company arranges delivery of different types of both sides oriented polypropylene films (BOPP), which are produced by COSMO FILMS (India). The distinctive features of such films are high heat seal strength, good elongation, nice gloss and transparence properties, good moisture and odorless barrier, physical neutrality. These films are ideal for packaging of food and non food product, it is highly spreaded for label printing and lamination, it could be used on vertical and horizontal packaging machine.

If you are going to use this film for packing products with high content of water ( vegetables, fruits, hot bread), we suggest to use perforated film.


  • Perfect optical properties : gloss(brightness), transparence
  • Aging resistance
  • Height coefficient of kinetic friction for high speed packing machines
  • Good ink adhesion

This film is supplied as a flat transparent film in rolls

Width – 100mm-1400mm ±2mm

Thickness – 20mic/25mic/30mic/35mic/40mic

Core inner diameter – 76 mm

Types of polypropylene film BOPP:

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