Polyethylene bag receive wide expansion among materials which are represented on the packaging market , because of its perfect esthetic quality and relevant cheapness.

Advantages of PE bags:

  • Frost resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Economic feasibility
  • Print adhesive

Types of PE bags:

  • Ordinary bag;
  • Valve bag;
  • Bag with bottom;
  • Valve bag with peel;
  • Perforated bad ( 5mm,8mm);
  • Clip bags (wicked bags);
  • Clip bag with bottom (wicked bags);
  • Clip bag with round bottom (wicked bags);
  • Bag with printing.

Below you can find main types of bags:

1. Ordinary bag

2. Valve bag

3. Bag with bottom

4. Valve bag with peel

5. Perforated bad ( 5mm,8mm)

6. Clip bags (wicked bags)

7. Clip bag with bottom (wicked bags)

8. Clip bag with round bottom (wicked bags)

9. Bag with printing

  • Possible thickness: 20-40 mic
  • Maximum syse: height 600 mm, width 450 mm
  • Minimum syse: height 60 mm, width 60 mm
  • Terms of production: 3-12 days

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