Polypropylene bag (BOPP)

 Today PP bags have received wide expansion in many spheres of package and it became ideal variant for packaging different food and non-food products.

Bags made of PP are used for packaging, transportation and storage of food and non food products, bakery, jewelry, print products (post cards, magazines, etc), toys, small products and etc.

Benefits of BOPP bags:

  • High transparency
  • Brilliance
  • High slip coefficient (that gives opportunity to use on high speed machines)
  • Possibility to make printing on bags

We can propose bags made of different kinds of BOPP:

Kinds of BOPP bags:

  • Ordinary bag;
  • Bag with peel;
  • Bag with bottom gusset and peel;
  • With perforation;
  • BOPP hangsell header bags;
  • Bag with printing;

1. ordinary bag

2. bag with peeling

3. bag with bottom gusset and peeling

4. perforation

5. Hangsell header bag and with peeling

6. Hangsell header bags

7. printed bags

  • Thickness of bags: 20 – 40 mic
  • Max syse: height: height 600mm, width450mm
  • Min syse:height: height 60mm, width60mm
  • Min order: 5000 pieces
  • Terms: 3-12 days

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